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Fart sound and fart smell products
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Remote Fart Machine #2
New Remote Fart Machine (15 Fart Sounds, Remote Works up to 100ft, Boom Box Feature for Bass Control). YEP, can you believe it? This one has more fart sounds, louder fart sounds, 100ft Remote and a Bass Control Feature. We didn't think the other Remote Fart Machine could be out done...., but it has happened. This is the eight wonder of the world. See below for the older cheaper model. It's still a classic. Get one of each, two of each, or one of everything. Requires one 9 volt battery (not included).
About the same size as the origianl, see below.
Pooze Pooze Sound Whoopee Cushion Whoopee Sound Remote Fart Electronic Whoopee Sound
Pooze/Noise Putty. Push slime into cup and it emits different fart sounds (squeaker, wet ones, blow a hole in your ass, etc....).
Large 3" Tall, $3.50 Each
Small 2" Tall
The Classic Whoopee Cushion. Inflate and place on GrandPa's Lazy Boy.
8" Diameter
Original 5 Sound Remote Control Fart Machine. Generates 5 different fart sounds from up to 50 feet away. This is the older model, see above for the newest model. Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).
Noise Maker is 5" x 4" and remote is much smaller.
Fart Bombs Stink Bombs
12 Pack Stink Bombs
Fart Bombs. They blow up, but they do NOT smell (at least we can't smell anything and a number of customers have said they don't smell anything). If you want something that smells bad try the Stink Bombs.
Bags are about 3" x 3".
Stink Bombs (1 box or 12 pack of boxes). OH MY GOD, did that come out of your ass? These really stink bad. CAUTION : Contains Ammonium Sulfide. Not for Children.
(3 capsules in a box) OR 12 Pack of Boxes (Total of 36 capsules)
LeFarter. Farts like the French...However that is.
cyclinder about 2" high.
Fart Whistle Morning Breeze Fart Spray
Fart Whistle. As long as you can blow you can make fart sounds.
4" long.
Morning Preeze Perfume. STINKY, STINKY, PEEEE-YEEEW!! Just a couple drops will clear the room. CAUTION : Contains Ammonium Sulfate. Not Suitable Children.
Container is about an 1" high (will clear many, many rooms).
Fart Spray. Spray near an unsuspecting victim and watch the fun begin. Another Pee-Yew item. IMPORTANT NOTE : We have had a couple customers comment that the smell from the Fart Spray isn't very farty, it just has a chemical smell. If you want to be assured of a Fart smelling product we recommend the Stink Bombs or the Morning Breeze.
2.5 fl. oz.
Fart Powder
Fart Powder. Mix in someones drink or food and wait for the farting to begin. Don't mix in Grandpas food because he already farts enough.
Little thing of powder.

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